See how topplr™ made the difference in 2017 and read about how we are continuing to change campaigns in 2018.


Just went over 10,000 voters contacted. Even if I don’t get any more, it was worth it! [My] district has 30,000 walking addresses, so 10,000 contacts reached one of every three houses! Unbelievable.
— Candidate for Congress in Ohio


Lakewood City Councilman won his campaign by 44 votes. See how topplr™ can help you push your campaign to the top.


If I wouldn’t have found topplr, I would have withdrawn.
— Candidate for Congress in Ohio

I can’t wait until the morning each day to watch the numbers go up. I wake up early to see them! I think your system is truly kicking ass for me! Incredible.
— Candidate for Congress in Ohio

Thanks again! BTW I love your platform! It makes is so easy to send a Facebook Ad specifically to my targeted audience. Sweet!
— Political Consultant

It was exciting to hear from voters that they saw the ads I sent through topplr. It helped make the product real to me.
— County School Board Candidate in Florida