Ready to Tackle That First topplr™ Send?


There are a lot of details to consider when creating your first topplr send. Not only do you have to have your image or video and the message you want to say, but you also have to know what you want to spend and how it will be spent! We’ve optimized our topplr product to make each of these decisions as easy and empowering as possible. We’ve put together a few things to consider when drafting an impactful send.

When creating your send, always keep in mind your goal and what you want to optimize your campaign around. We offer three main optimization types; reach, traffic and impressions.

Reach - focuses on showing your ad to as many voters as possible
Impressions - ensures your send is seen as many times as possible by the same group of voters
Traffic - increases the number of voters visiting the URL destination connected to your send


Once you’ve decided on the goal for your send, the rest of the details will fall into place. The budget you set means the send will not spend any more than that amount.


A good rule of thumb to determine your budget is to multiply the number of voters you’re looking to target by $0.05. This means that if you are trying to reach 10,000 voters your budget should be around $500. Keep in mind this is only an estimate. When we deliver your ad to Facebook everything is based on a bidding system. This system means that some voters with Facebook accounts are more expensive to reach than others. However, we’ve watched a lot of sends come through and on average campaigns using topplr spend about $0.05 per voter for each send.

You also have control over how you want the send delivered: balanced or maximum exposure. Setting your delivery to ‘balanced’ ensures your ad will be seen evenly throughout the duration of the send. Having ‘maximum exposure’ selected will expedite the delivery of your ad and burn through your budget more quickly. This is geared for those final crunch days before the election or another time specific event like a fundraiser or early voting.


A final consideration for your send is setting the frequency cap or max views per voter. ‘Max views’ allows you to control how often each voter sees your send. For a typical 10-day send, low saturation is between 1-5 views, average saturation is between 6-9 views, and high saturation is any number greater than 10.


Your ‘max views per voter’ should vary depending on how long your send is running. If you have a send running for a shorter period of time, you may use a lower saturation, whereas for a longer running send, you may consider a higher saturation.

Keep in mind you’re setting a maximum not an average. If you’re hoping for each voter to see your send 6 times you will want to choose a maximum closer to 8 or 9.

If you want to learn more or have specific questions about what settings will work best in a unique scenario we would love to help. Simply tap the chat window in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and one of our awesome customer success team members will be able to provide direction.

Nick Martin