Expand Your Digital Reach with topplr™

Facebook has been the primary social media platform for U.S. adults since 2012, with nearly two-thirds of them using the networking site and most accessing daily.1 As digital advertising continues to grow at rapid rates for political campaigns, it has been necessary for most successful candidates to establish a strong social presence that helps push their message.

What if you took your campaign’s Facebook page and pushed it one step further? What if you could microtarget all the voters in your district with your campaign’s content? Not just your Facebook followers – but all your voters.

Great news - topplr™ can expand your social reach. Topplr™ provides your campaign access to all your constituents on Facebook through customized voter lists and built in advertising tools. Now your campaign can produce valuable impressions all the way to Election Day.

  1. Log Into Your topplr™ Account

  2. Connect Your Campaign’s Facebook Page

  3. Instantly Publish Posts To Your Voter Lists

Deliver your campaign’s message where people are spending their time - social media.

Topplr™ propels your current Facebook reach outside of your page’s likes and followers. Avoid becoming limited in your digital reach by only relying on organic Facebook posts, likes or shares.

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1. http://www.pewinternet.org/2018/03/01/social-media-use-in-2018/

Nick Martin