Better Than A Boost | Political Campaign Advertising

Target Voters. Not Zip Codes.

Facebook has been the primary social media platform for U.S. adults since 2012. Over two-thirds of us have accounts (1). This has made it increasingly necessary for successful campaigns to establish a strong social presence.

As we move towards midterms, political marketing strategies are learning to rely on the friendly little boost button Facebook pushes them towards every time they log in. While this may seem like a panacea to a new social marketer, it’s unfortunately a trap that can drain your budget well before Election Day.

Is It Worth The Boost?

Boosting your post will mean that more people see it, but the truth is, those views don’t matter when you have no way of knowing if they came from registered voters who live in your district.

Built-in boosting tools primarily let you target people based off of cities and zip codes, which are independent of congressional or even county lines. Plus, there are large groups of people who live in one area, but are registered to vote in another. This means you’re consistently paying to show your message to transient individuals who can’t vote for you, or neighbors who won’t see you on their ballot.

All of this is exacerbated by the fact that during the last midterm election in 2014, only 36.4% of the eligible population voted (2).  Even if everyone who sees your boosted post lives and votes in the right area (which they don’t), you’re still wasting 63.6% of your budget on people who aren’t going to vote.

Reach Your Likely Voters Now.

So what are you supposed to do? The short answer is, visit

Topplr™ is a self-serve platform that connects to your campaign's Facebook page and provides an interface for you to create and send ads exclusively to registered voters in your district. This allows you to spend your political campaign advertising budget more efficiently and produce valuable impressions all the way to Election Day.

In a nutshell, topplr™ can provide you:

  • Access Hundreds of Offices’ Voter Lists

  • Ad Performance Reports

  • One Simplified Interface Where You Can Live Edit Your Ads

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