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Topplr™ is a self-serve voter targeting software that lets you spark a truly social campaign. Built by award-winning startup Data Genomix™, topplr™ lets you deliver your campaign message by microtargeting all your voters on Facebook.

Whether you're a seasoned incumbent or a political underdog, topplr™ will build awareness of your campaign's platform on the most popular social networking site.

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How can you reach all your voters in 24 hours?


If you’ve ever organized around a cause you know that inefficient social tools, and unreliable advocacy channels can cripple advertising budgets.

You deserve control over the best social media tools available, which is necessary in a political climate where TV and direct mail budgets are increasingly ineffective.

Topplr™ has reached 3.3+ million voters directly on social networks and won major campaigns in battleground states during both primaries and general elections:

  • topplr™ partnered with the 3rd largest party organization in the U.S. to deliver a microtargeted digital campaign to 1.1 million voters.

  • topplr™ flipped the expectations for an underdog judicial candidate in a 2:1 battleground county.

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Build Your Base

topplr™ enables campaign representatives to automate their direct outreach process by delivering messages instantly to Facebook and other social networks. Our in-house data experts curate voter segments specifically to your needs. Build your base by reaching out directly to the small groups of voters who have the power to swing an election. Using topplr™ to microtarget your voters results in direct engagement with the people who matter to your campaign. 

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Scale Your Message

When down ballot candidates can’t afford to scale their message, we have a flawed system.  Our topplr™ voter targeting software changes that by automating your direct outreach process instantly. Using the nerdiest voter targeting imaginable, topplr™ delivers your tailored messages to popular social networks for a fraction of the cost of traditional political advertising.

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Push to the Top

Don’t wait for election results to tell you who you connected with - topplr™ voter targeting software provides instant access to social insights about your ads. Push to the top by using our built in best practices for social ad deliverability  system by our in-house experts. 

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