The Right Target is an Engaged Audience

Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Maine  // November 2018 General


Future Now Fund’s mission this election season was to flip or break veto-proof majorities in legislative bodies in five states. We worked with them to promote a video of famous young adult authors encouraging everyone to vote. The message was clear but Future Now Fund was looking to ensure that their budget was being spent on the right audience. That is where we came in.

Strategy Takeaway

Our job was to reach educators based on partisan-leanings, in the relevant states, who were sporadic midterm voters. To do this we combined public voter data, mobile device-based geofencing, data from people’s Facebook and Instagram use, and optimization tools driving content engagement.

The ad campaign ran in pre-roll and in-feed on Facebook, Instagram, & Associated Apps exclusively during the week prior to the election. In this time we were able to reach 76% of our total target audience across all states an average of 4.08 times. We also provided Future Now Fund with an advanced report detailing viewer retention within the video ad they ran. This report highlights how the ad optimized to reach more people may show higher topline numbers, the ad marketed to teachers who were likely to be engaged yielded more reactions and longer video viewership.

The best part is we did more than just show the video to people, we showed it to educators who cared. By Election Day the video had 626 shares and 1,956 reactions on social media which enabled one variation to pull 10% of its impressions from organic views, not paid traffic.



Our ability to not only determine the right target audience but also reach that target quickly helped Future Now Fund support the candidates in these five states who flipped three legislative bodies and broke one supermajority.

Nick Martin