How to Flip a District

State Senator District 9  // Maryland // November 2018 General


Katie Fry Hester’s campaign won her election in a district that was historically +30 for the opposing party. By using topplr, her campaign was able to personalize communications with voters in ways the embraced the geographic nuance of precincts.

Strategy Takeaway

Her campaign’s topplr strategy relied on 44 unique voter lists cut for likely voters in each precinct of the district. They hit the ground running, pushing out ads about the local school districts, rainy day funds, farmers’ rights, firefighter endorsements, and climate action. Each of these messages found a home with a different group of precincts and the diversity of them highlighted her commitment to everyone in her district.



In the end, Katie Fry Hester’s campaign was able to flip the district and win by just 154 votes (.3% of the electorate). Not only did we provide excellent targeting for her to work with, but her campaign also made good use of those audiences by producing a variety of video and still image creatives that clearly spoke to her future constituents. The well-structured social media targeting we were able to provide, in conjunction with her nuanced use of creative messaging, marks her campaign as a clear stand out example of what to do when targeting voters online.

Nick Martin