Digitizing the Door Knock

State Representative District 14  // Ohio // May 2018 Primary


As a first-time candidate, Bride Rose Sweeney knew she needed the persuasive benefit that door-to-door canvassing provides in order to get voters to engage with her and her campaign’s message. Additionally, running in a primary election in northern Ohio affords short windows of canvassable weather given the region’s cold, and snowy springs. Her campaign turned to topplr to digitize canvassing efforts and meet voters where they are - on social media.  

Strategy Takeaway

First, we were able to identify likely Primary voters in her district, including those voters who had requested to vote by mail. Next, canvassing lists were cut to carve up the 103,000-resident district into manageable chunks. These canvass lists were then mapped to three-day windows on the calendar when the candidate and her canvass team would hit the streets. Finally, we matched the voters in each of these three-day canvass chunks to social media profiles. She launched neighborhood-specific video introductions on paid social media to the exact voters on the canvass lists. These videos featured Bride Rose Sweeney out canvassing and let voters know that she would be knocking doors in their neighborhood over the course of the next few days.



The results were remarkable. Not only did her campaign see better name recognition when the videos hit voters ahead of the canvass, but answer rates at the door also went up dramatically. By sending a neighborhood-tailored message specifically to the canvass targets within a day of a door knock demonstrated how social media could fit the rhythm and scale of highly-effective grassroots campaign tactics.

Nick Martin