Organic Versus Sponsored Post


Curious to know why some Facebook ads have “Paid for by…” and others don’t?

That’s the difference between an organic and a sponsored post.

Facebook feeds are busier than ever these days with political content vying for our attention. There are a wide variety of posts that are appearing - organic posts, boosted posts, sponsored ads, etc. But aren’t they all the same? Not entirely, especially when it comes to political advertising.

The truth behind an organic post

When a Facebook post is created without any money behind it, that’s an “organic post.” Organic posts make traction within the creator’s personal network of family and friends. While it’s great to get messages to those family and friends, the posts aren’t necessarily being seen by large audiences or more importantly, likely voters. You may be thinking, “But the President’s organic tweets are being seen by his ‘personal’ network of over 24 million voters!” True. However, you more than likely don’t have that many followers, plus it is hard to tell how many of those followers actually voted for the President, and if they are likely to do so again.

Cue the sponsored post!

A sponsored post is paid content that is created with the intention of honing in on specific audiences, or in the case of political content, voters. Sponsored posts provide more authority over which ads will be served to likely voters and how often they will see it. This allows your campaign to deliver your message strategically to your likely voters.

Pew Research Center reported in February 2016 that 67% of U.S. adults are on Facebook and 44% of them are seeking news while on the social media platform. Sponsored posts can be used to reach those potential voters with information on your campaign--so how will you ensure paid content is implemented into your digital media strategy? The answer is simple: the voter targeting social media platform, topplr™.

Directly reach your voters now

Sponsored posts - what we like to call your “sends” - are the bread and butter of topplr™’s platform. Topplr™ simplifies the process of creating a send and allows your campaign’s message to directly reach your voters. Creating a send can be done in minutes and can reach voters within the same hour. The platform aims to be an easy, effective, and evidence-based advertising solution.

The clock is counting down to Election Day. What will you do to get your message in front of your voters?

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Nick Martin