Three Reasons Why Your Campaign Must be Online

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In terms of outreach technology, social media is arguably the biggest gamechanger to date. There has never been such a powerful tool that politicians can employ to optimize their campaign strategy and deliver measurable results. Social Media engagement is transforming the political process, and if you aren’t building your campaign presence online, you’re falling behind.

Here are three ways social media can drive campaign success in a number of ways.


1. Reach all of your voters quicker.

Are you spending a lot of money on mass-marketing to run a simple banner ad for the duration of your campaign? Thanks to social media, political advertising has become much more dynamic, interactive and cost-effective. Nearly 70% of your voters are logging into Facebook DAILY and spending over 2 hours online. By using your campaign page you can communicate with a massive number of your voters in an instant.


2. Drive important conversations.

When your voters log in to their social networks, they’re doing much more than just scrolling and “thumb-stopping” - they’re engaging. According to a new Pew Internet & American Life Project survey: “22% of Facebook users comment on someone else’s post during a typical day and 20% comment on somebody’s photo. 44% of social media users say they update their status at least once a week, and among young people aged 18 to 22, that number rises to 73%.” Voters are voicing their opinions and directing civic discourse form their keyboards, you can do the same. Don’t leave your audience wide open for your competition to define the narrative.


3. Leverage your supporters to convert more advocates.

Through social media, political activists can extend campaign messages to their own personal networks. Nearly 70% of advocacy organizations use Facebook as their media outlet.  Without an established online presence, you allow your opponent to be the one gaining support through social sharing and the power of persuasion.      


Don’t let your opponent control the conversation. Implement a social media strategy that launches your campaign towards success. Topplr is an automated voter-targeting software platform that can help you catch up and even get you ahead of your competition. We provide a self-serve platform for you to deliver your message directly to voters on Facebook. We go further than Facebook’s built-in geolocation technology, topplr targets based off of political districts and voter registration to ensure your message is only reaching the most important people to your campaign.

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Nick Martin