Meet Your Voters Where They Are


When you’re running a campaign, it’s essential to know where your voters are. Once you know this, you’re able to develop strategies that can move the needle towards a campaign victory. In the past, this meant brainstorming where to best place yard signs, fundraising for expensive television ads, and compiling voter addresses to chase absentee ballots. These strategies ignore one crucial thing in today’s society - It’s not just about physical spaces anymore - it’s about digital ones, too. 

So, if you’re wondering where most people spend their time, the answer is easy. 

On their smartphone.

Today’s outreach has to be mobile. Your voters’ smartphones are the only constant feed of information that your campaign can tap into (and track for success). For every yard sign, TV ad, and postcard a voter gets, they have also engaged with dozens of online advertisements that same day. 

In 2018, one thing is clear: people are on social media, and they’re staying there. What does this mean for political advertising? You better be there too.



  • People spent an average of 2.25 hours on social media a day in 2017. That’s up from a still notable 1.5 hours a day in 2012 – a massive five-year jump!1

  • 60% of social media time is logged on peoples’ smartphones.

  • Digital political ad spending is projected to shatter records in 2018 with $1.99 billion spent. That is an increase of over 10x from 2012 when a measly $159 million was spent--which makes it a safe bet that your opponent is already doing it.4



  • FACEBOOK 68% of U.S. adults are users, with 75% of that number logging in DAILY

  • INSTAGRAM 35% of U.S. adults are users. A number that has increased 7% since 2016.



Your voters are living on social media. It’s time your campaign does, too. Topplr™ is a voter targeting application built for social. Our self-serve solution will enable you to target voters on the largest social networking site ever.

So stop wasting advertising dollars on old school campaign tactics that are nearly impossible to manage, measure and track. Launch yourself into the new digital age and meet your voters where they are: online all day, every day. 



Schedule a free walkthrough today on how to use Topplr™ for your campaign. 



Nick Martin