What is Political Microtargeting?

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Microtargeting is a buzzword being thrown around by big agencies in the political realm who are doing a lot of manual heavy lifting to connect messaging to the right voters. The technical definition of political microtargeting is the practice of applying detailed market segmentation to voter lists.(1) What it means in practice is improving your outreach by sending messages only to your party’s likely voters.

Here is where topplr™ comes in. We offer a web-based platform built for sending your campaign’s message to voters on Facebook. Topplr™ was developed by the nerdiest technicians to ever analyze voter data and is a cost effective tool for down-ballot and up!

The platform creates customized lists of voters by party, district, likelihood to vote, and more. Designed for candidates and causes, topplr™ has perfected political microtargeting through Facebook. How did we get here?

1. We started with the largest audience possible. 
Nearly 70% of U.S. adults are Facebook users – the most out of all social networking apps.(2)

2. Then we focused on the fastest growing tools.
Political campaigns are moving to digital ads – 2016 saw a 20% increase in online spending, totaling a whopping $11.4B. Yes, billion.(3)

3. Next we worked on improving your Facebook's reach.
If you intend to reach all of your voters then your campaign should already have a Facebook page. However, your audience may be small and consist of friends or others outside of your voting district. Topplr™ not only increases the number of people who see your message but also adds precision by only sending that message to the likely voters in your district.

4. Resulting in a unique political ad tool.
This is where topplr™ comes in – topplr™ plugs into your current campaign Facebook page to propel your message to all your voters using microtargeting.

5. Focused on ensuring candidates reach only their voters.
Now, instead of posting a Facebook ad to all the voters on your street, you really only need to send your ad to the voters who are likely to vote for you. This saves you time and money. Topplr™ delivers ads through Facebook to your targeted voters.

6. With an affordable campaign tool for down-ballot. How much is topplr™?
Here’s the best part – whatever you want to spend! We believe budgets shouldn’t determine elections, that’s why we’ve made topplr as affordable as possible.

Visit go.topplr.com to create your free account today.

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Nick Martin